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Lettuce might be more expensive in grocery stores because El Nino storms and cooler temperatures are hurting the warm-weather crop. Salad might get a little more expensive this season. California.

This prediction follows a relatively short 2016-2017 La Nia and a 2015-2016 El Nio that was one of the strongest in history. To understand either El Nio or La Nia-Spanish for "the little boy" and "the little girl," respectively-you first have to take a dive into the oceanic system known as El Nio Southern Oscillation, or ENSO.

That’s because there aren’t many events of similar strength to compare to this year’s El Nio. The exceptions are the 1982-83 and 1997-98 El Nios, both of which were wetter than normal in western Oregon and Washington, and warmer than normal across the entire Northwest region. But not all El Nios are alike.

El Nino describes the waters off the Pacific Northwest as a region of transitions, where large ocean currents and atmospheric systems create "a remarkable and dynamic setting unlike any other in the world." Under normal circumstances, seasonal cycles of wind and atmospheric pressure help move relatively warm surface water away from the Pacific.

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Forecasters say they are now confident that El Nino’s southern storms will boost rainfall this. But the inland Pacific Northwest should anticipate below-normal rainfall, while the Oregon and.

The reality is, if our temperatures trend toward above average, as is typical for El Nino, then freezing levels increase, i.e., you have to go higher to find the snow.. KOIN has you covered.

The following graphics were derived from climate division data. Normal vs. El Nio Average Precipitation NOVEMBER-DECEMBER. Normal vs. El Nio Average Precipitation

Evidence of El Nino is already building in the central pacific ocean, as a long strand of warmer-than-normal water builds across the equator. For the Pacific Northwest, that involves a warmer.

A: Examination of past El Nino cases for northwest Oregon and southwest Washington indicates that there is not much of a signal for precipitation being either above- or below-normal during El Nino.