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However, the garden is a demonstration of how people can help. It is planted with native shrubs, including blueberry,

Oregon State University: Gardening with Oregon Native Plants West of the Cascades by Linda R. McMahan This publication provides an introduction and guide for those who are interested in Pacific Northwest native plants and would like to incorporate natives into their home gardens.

Flowering shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants provide nectar for many types of insects and for hummingbirds. Seeds and berries nur-ture birds and other wildlife. Shrubs and trees provide nesting sites for birds, squirrels, and other creatures. Other plants serve as hosts (food sources) for the caterpillar stages of native but-

We have a number of features on native shrubs that will help with addition of natives to your garden. Visit our Native page for details. Shrubs such as Oregon Grape, Snowberry, Mock Orange, Huckleberry and Salmon Berry.

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Oregon Grapeholly. One of the finest flowering shrubs, Oregon grapeholly offers beautiful evergreen foliage. In spring, it bears clusters of golden-yellow blooms that are followed by blue fruits loved by birds.

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Many evergreen shrubs grow in the varying climate of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Some shrubs thrive in the wet, temperate climate of the coastal areas, while others prefer the dry conditions east of the cascade mountains. growing native pacific Northwest evergreen shrubs can add year-round.

View photos of native plants in the landscape, highlighting important features like flowers, fall color, and foliage.

The cooler nights encourage fast root growth, so trees, shrubs and perennials planted now will get off to a good start for.

Native Shrubs in Oregon. Oregon, with its dense coniferous and deciduous forests, is home to a wide variety of native shrubs. Some are huge, towering upward of 15 feet, while others are only a few inches tall and creep along the ground. These native plants thrive in the temperate climate that most of Oregon provides, and all are good choices for the home gardener.