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. cellphone law What do you need to know about Oregon’s new distracted driving cell phone law? A salem police traffic patrol officer answers common questions about the new rules. Check out this.

Cell phone, texting news: A rewrite of Oregon’s distracted driving law took effect Oct. 1. The new law ushered in by House Bill 2597 updates the law’s wording to include any use of "mobile electronic devices" such as smartphones. The law outlaws holding these devices while driving.

"Oregon’s cell phone law requires the use of a hands-free accessory while using a mobile communication device and operating a vehicle . . ."

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Oregon bill would crack down on driver cellphone use. The proposed changes to the law include the following:. The new rules would take effect July 1 or October 1.

Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon.. Oregon. A person commits the offense of driving a motor vehicle while using a mobile. “Using a cell phone or other electronic.

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Touching your phone while driving in Oregon is illegal starting Oct. 1. For those of you wondering if Bluetooth will be an option, according to one report hands-free will be the only legal use of a cell phone as of the bill’s Oct. 1 effective date. As far as ham radios go or communications say between a wide load and a pilot car,

 · It turns out that cellphone-use-while-driving laws vary depending on the state that you’re in. If you’re on a road trip across state lines, troopers might be able to pull you over for.

House Bill 2597, passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor earlier this year, corrects a glaring loophole in Oregon’s hands-free law.

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Q Are there exemptions to the cellphone use/texting laws for USPS, UPS, It was New Year's Eve around 6 p.m. I parked on a city street,

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drivers who get caught red-handed with their phones or other devices will face stiffer penalties and repeat offenders could get jail time. The Oregon Department of Transportation was joined by.