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comcast data cap oregon Nearly a dozen new states are about to get Comcast data caps. By. Minnesota, Oregon, You may have noticed that the data cap rollout affects primarily Comcast’s western and central U.S.

2017-2018 oregon laws (hardbound) These three hardbound volumes contain the official version of all the laws enacted, and all the resolutions adopted, by the 79th Legislative Assembly during its regular sessions and special session.

Peggy Cunningham, Acadia Montana’s relatively new CEO, was there that night. officials and the mother of a 9-year-old Oregon girl who was chemically and physically restrained began.

 · The Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017 greatly extends pay equity protections to a variety of protected classes, prohibits employers from asking for applicants’ salary history, and expands existing remedies available to employees. house bill 2005 also offers key protections and a.

The proposal from Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek, HB 2001, It strikes down local laws that block tenants from living in either the.

the new oregon law concerning guns is causing concern for some people. supporters say it gives families a way to get weapons away from people who may hurt themselves or others. opponents see it as a form of gun control. an effort to repeal the new law failed in october. petitioners didn’t get enough signatures in time. "i would say it’s kind of.

A new Oregon law clarifies Oregon’s daily and weekly overtime laws and sets new maximum-hour limits for certain Oregon employers. The new statute, which Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed on August 8, 2017, requires most employers in the manufacturing sector to pay employees the greater of daily or weekly overtime if an employee works more than 10 hours in a single day and more than 40 hours.

bowl game oregon ducks No. 10 Oregon: RBs CJ Verdell and Travis Dye. The Ducks’ most explosive player in 2018, WR Dillon Mitchell, declared for the draft, leaving the team light on proven big-play threats.Both freshman.famous athletes from oregon  · At one show in Portland, Oregon, Bobbie attracted a crowd of 40,000 spectators. In 1927, Bobbie the Wonder Dog died at the age of six. He was buried with honors at the Oregon Humane Society’s pet cemetery in Portland. A week after Bobbie’s death, the famous german shepherd rin tin Tin laid a wreath at his grave.

A new rent control law recently passed by the state of Oregon may be just the beginning of a trend. In several other states and cities, advocates are calling for new rent control regulations. Real.

The Oregon Revised Statutes are the codified laws of the State of Oregon. The ORS is published every two years. Each edition incorporates all laws, and changes to laws, enacted by the Legislative Assembly through the odd-numbered year regular session referenced in the volume titles for that edition.

Information on oregon driving law and Oregon traffic laws. Update: New driving laws in Oregon for 2011.. Violations and License Suspensions. If you get a ticket for violating nearly any rule of the road or driver licensing, registration or vehicle equipment laws, the offense is called a traffic violation.