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. becomes the first state in the nation to tax the sale of bicycles. Yes, Oregon – the state that’s often seen as a haven for cyclists, and regularly ranks in the top 10 of the nation’s most.

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The bill includes a use tax that complements the privilege tax and is imposed at the same rate (0.5%). The use tax is imposed on the purchaser of a new vehicle who uses, stores or otherwise "consumes" the vehicle in Oregon. The purchaser’s use tax is reduced by the amount of privilege tax or use tax imposed by Oregon or any other.

Oregon, which does not levy regular sales taxes, will require buyers of new, adult-sized bikes priced $200 and up to pay $15 in excise taxes starting in the fall.

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You’ve heard of the gas tax – but a bike tax? If new legislation in Oregon passes, the northwestern state could be the first to implement such a fee – and cyclists, as well as shop owners, have mixed.

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"There will be more outreach to employers about the new statewide transit tax as we approach its start date of July 1, 2018," he said. Oregon’s bicycle excise tax is a flat tax of $15 paid by the.

It’s official: Oregon now has a $15 bike tax. Funds will go into the Connect Oregon program and be set aside specifically, "for the purposes of grants for bicycle and pedestrian transportation projects. that expand and improve commuter routes for nonmotorized vehicles and pedestrians, including bicycle trails,

Oregon, one of five states with no sales tax, just passed such a tax on bicycles to help fund trail maintenance and improvement. That decision generated a good bit of controversy, and as a bicycle-riding, trail-loving taxpayer, I wondered why a bicycle tax that supports bicycle trail use is so contentious.

Thus, whether Oregon’s bicycle infrastructure is funded largely by the gas tax, or by a variety of tax revenues, is a choice made by local and state representatives. Nevertheless, all cyclists pay taxes, and whether they buy gasoline or not, those taxes are paid into funds that allocate funds toward bicycle infrastructure.

Oregon has the right idea. If you are going to give bikes the right to cause traffic jams, make driving more dangerous, create spending meant potholes for bike lanes, then why not charge a registration fee for a bike. But Oregon does not go far enough-the tax is just only newly bought bikes-make every bike [.]