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Mophead hydrangeas, or Hydrangea macrophyllas, have rounded, globe-like flower heads.Most prefer morning sun and afternoon shade, but avoid heavy shade, which can cause poor flowering. Generally speaking, the further north you live, the more sun mopheads can tolerate.

Growing hydrangeas is so much fun. When given suitable growing conditions, their care is quite easy. To learn how to grow and care for hydrangeas in your garden, read the article that follows.

If you’re planning your garden, chances are you want plants that provide four seasons of interest, don’t need a lot of maintenance and are easy-to-grow.

Oregon Burn Center Garden, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. leachgarden.org or 503-823-1671 SUNDAY, JULY 22 Tour of Hydrangeas in the Gardens of Joy Creek Nursery: 10 a.m. Get acquainted with the.

When to prune a hydrangea depends on when it sets its flower buds. Other than the modern repeat blooming hydrangeas, like "Endless Summer" and "Lime Light", most older hydrangeas set the next season’s flower buds in either late summer/fall or during the growing season.Hydrangeas that set their buds late in the season are the most likely to have trouble blooming.

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Shrubs for showy foliage in the shade include: oakleaf hydrangea, virginia willow. indian cherry, mahonia, Oregon grape holly and strawberry euonymus. Shrubs with long blooming periods include:.

Tough growing in Oregon’s high desert.. There is a wide variety of shrubs and perennials that do well here, including ninebark, wayfaring tree viburnum, hydrangea arborescens or paniculata, and penstemons, just to mention a few.

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Hydrangeas like mostly shady spots but some varieties can take more sun. The more sun your hydrangea gets, the more frequent watering that may be necessary to maintain the blooms and leaves.. Ask an Expert is a way for you to get answers from the Oregon State University Extension Service. We.