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 · Oregon Measure 97 This has become one of the most argued measures I can remember. The Pro 97 side has been pushing it as a way to fund schools, healthcare, seniors while making "big business" pay it’s share.

The list of Oregon ballot measures lists all statewide ballot measures to the present. In Oregon, the initiative and referendum process dates back to 1902, when the efforts of the Direct Legislation League prompted amending the Oregon Constitution for the first time since 1859.

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Measure 97, which would have been the largest tax increase in Oregon history, was losing 59 percent to 40 percent in early returns. The measure was designed to benefit schools, health care and senior services – but independent analysts concluded that its proceeds could be used as the Legislature wished.

Let’s start with a reminder: What problem is Measure 97 supposed to solve? Most supporters of Measure 97 have focused on schools. Oregon is at the bottom in graduation rates. class sizes are.

News that are related to the article oregonlive.com: «Amid overwhelming failure, Measure 97 found support in two Oregon counties» from papers and blogs.

Measure 103 also would bar new taxes on restaurants, according to the Oregon Department of. won’t get the attention Measure 97 did two years ago. But supporters and opponents agree it will draw.

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Support for Measure 97 outweighs opposition 60% to 30% Just after Labor Day, Measure 97 kicks off election season with a sizeable lead. Support for the measure is both intense and widespread. Six in ten Oregonians say they would vote for Measure 97 if the election

What is Measure 97? Measure 97 (formerly Initiative Petition 28), a looming ballot measure that, if passed in November, would represent the largest tax increase in Oregon’s history.

Measure 97 – which for months was known as Initiative Petition 28 – is the most notable issue on the November ballot in Oregon. The group of Oregonians was assembled by the Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission, which every campaign year picks one or two measures for study.

The icitizen poll mirrors another independent survey, this one by DHM Research taken from Sept. 1-6, which found 60 percent of respondents support Measure 97, while 30 percent opposes it.